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Commission A Cleft Portrait

Reflecting the energy, spirit & uniqueness of your child

Cleft Portrait Collection cleft warrior woman.jpg

Together we can create an original and beautiful artwork for your family to treasure for generations.

A statement piece to encourage conversation and positive connection between all of us.

In 2021, I embarked on a journey to not just draw the most beautiful smiles, but to change the perception of cleft and start a movement. So far, I’ve drawn nearly 50 of the most beautiful smiles, which have been exhibited all over the world already, and it’s not even finished yet!
These beautiful smiles have so far travelled to…

• The UN in Geneva

• Displayed at Brick Lane Gallery, London

• Recent Cleft Exhibition in Stratford, London

• BBC News South

Order your personal portrait commission below...

Available in coloured or graphite pencil / single or double portrait / A3 or A4 size

More about the 100 Cleft Portraits Project...

The 100 Cleft Portrait Challenge helps to guide and support families like yours to find peace in the journey of cleft.

These smiles will continue to travel the world, be exhibited, published into a book and so much more. It is a one of a kind opportunity to be involved in a powerful exhibition and stunning book, which will continue to support families on journeys like ours.

It’s for all families and cleft affected people to take part who want to…

• get involved in a project that will change the perception of cleft
• join a community of people that want cleft representation to be true, honest and beautiful
• become a part of the movement, start the conversation and drive change


Your portrait will be added to the collection and...️

• be included in the book, due to be published in 2023/4️

• exhibited across a number of events all over the world️

and so much more!

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