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Cleft Parent


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If you were given all the support you need to help your family thrive on your cleft journey


– while letting go of the shame, judgement and guilt that keeps you stuck -


Would you commit to working through your trauma?

Here’s the thing about parenting a child with cleft – cleft can be traumatic


Most people don’t realise that - that they’ve been traumatised by the shock of diagnosis followed by the challenging aftermath.


They don’t realise this gets locked in their bodies and that of their developing child. 


You’re a kind, loving, supportive parent, but you might not completely understand how this trauma has prevented you from feeling confident in the decisions you make for your child and your family. 


How it’s kept you in a state of fear and emotional instability, so you can’t support your child as well as you know you could. 


And that leads to the feelings of guilt and shame, and you scolding yourself all the time for not getting it right. 


But no one ever taught you about the impact of trauma on the cleft parenting journey, or how to recognise it in yourself and your child. 


You got the practical support but there’s always been a gap where emotional guidance should be. 


You see other parents seemingly nailing it, and you wonder how they’re doing it.


You also feel envious of those with an easier parenting journey than you. It isn’t fair. 


You want the best for your beautiful, one-of-a-kind child - to see them happy, confident, reaching their limitless potential and living life to the full. 


To see them confident enough to assert their needs and boundaries, as you know they’ll have to do throughout their cleft journey. 


But nothing feels right at the moment, or perhaps you go in cycles of feeling stuck, lost, confused and overwhelmed.


You’re still struggling with understanding this path you’re on - a much different one to the one you imagined. 


But you really don’t want to be feeling so scared and frozen all the time.


Deep down you know you do have the power to take control and ensure positive outcomes for your child. 


You feel it’s all within you. 


You just need some trauma-informed guidance from someone who knows EXACTLY what you’re going through and EXACTLY what you need to know and learn to transform this journey for your family.


I’m here to tell you that IT IS all within your control and you can find the exact support you need right here in the Cleft Parent Membership. 

"The new knowledge I've gained has brought so much understanding, and knowledge is power!"

Community Member

Hey! I'm Katie

A cleft parenting coach, teacher and artist who’s helped many parents just like you thrive instead of just survive the cleft parenting journey

I’ve walked in your shoes as the parent of a child born with cleft, and I know the emotions you go through on a daily basis. 


I know how scared and fearful about the future you feel. How much you worry about your child’s ability to cope with everything they’ll need to, and how that might make them feel.


And about the rest of your family and the impact on them. ​


I understand what a struggle it can be to find and use your voice, and advocate for your child’s best interests.


And I know how confusing all the conflicting information you get from different sources can be. 


​I also know how you want life to be and how you want to feel



​You want a future where you’re:

  • Raising your child born with cleft in a conscious and informed way, fostering a deep and authentic connection with them 

  • Feeling more resilient when it comes to tackling problems and finding solutions

  • Free from the shame and guilt you currently feel and embracing compassion and kindness instead

  • Inspiring your child every day to be all they came here to be and helping them build the confidence they need to not let their cleft define them

  • Feeling confident, consistent and IN CONTROL, rather than overwhelmed, exhausted and insecure

  • Connected to other parents on the same journey and part of a community raising cleft children with conscious awareness, because through knowledge we rise together 


Can you imagine this future for you, your child and your whole family? 


Wouldn’t that be a wonderful future to look forward to?


Thankfully, my family is living this future due to the deep internal work and training I did, and continue to do, to learn all about the trauma of a cleft diagnosis.


I also absorbed so much knowledge on the necessary interventions and very real implications of cleft, and how it impacts on both parent and child. 


I learned to retrain my brain and behaviours so I could fully support my daughter to be the best version of herself, and so we could find ongoing peace as a family. 


Once I did this, our lives transformed. 

Now I feel:

😊 Confident in the decisions I make with Ella (and which I made for her as a young child) throughout this journey (a journey we’re still on as she approaches adulthood)

😊 Proud of our connection, and proud of the self-awareness and power she’s now developing to be her own advocate and use her own voice

😊 Responsive to her needs in any circumstance, rather than merely reactive in difficult situations

😊 Trustful of the process and my ability to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way for everyone’s long-term emotional health

I’d love you to feel like this too. 

That’s why I’ve packaged all of the skills, experience and knowledge I’ve gained on this journey into my amazing Cleft Parent Membership.

The Cleft Parent Membership
 Where parents of children born with cleft come together to work through trauma and learn how to thrive as a family from diagnosis to teen

The Cleft Parent Membership is a no-judgement space for parents like you to share your honest and complex feelings around parenting a child born with cleft. 


With me as your coach, and a supportive community around you cheering you on, you’ll go from…


❌ Always wondering what you should do, say or decide next 


❌ Unaware of the trauma your family has experienced and unsure how to work through it


❌ Panicking whenever a new problem or challenge arises because you’re unsure how to best approach it


❌ Feeling powerless to influence your child’s life in a positive way


 To a parent who:

✔ Lives and parents with self-belief and conscious awareness


✔ Knows exactly how the trauma of cleft has impacted your family and how to find the best way through for you all


✔ Has the resilience and nervous system flexibility to cope with demanding situations and the ability to instil that in your child


✔ Feels in control and able to parent from an empowered and aligned place 


By joining the Cleft Parent Membership you’ll have the opportunity to reflect and see yourself differently, to understand how you currently think and behave and how that impacts on your parenting. 


Drawing on my personal experiences and expertise in Brainspotting, a range of somatic tools, pattern interruption and parts work, I’ll guide you through the process of working through your trauma on our monthly calls, coaching opportunities and open session days. 


You’ll learn how to build capacity in your nervous system so it’s flexible enough to handle whatever life throws your way. 

Through this you will change any thoughts and behaviours that might be damaging your relationship with your child and take back control of supporting them effectively on the journey to reaching their potential. 

You’ll become the parent you want to be
“I honestly can’t thank you enough for how you have changed my life already. I feel like something has just clicked in the last couple of weeks and like I’ve had an epiphany or something! Haha! I’m sure I have a long way to go still but I’m definitely starting to live life with this new perspective and awareness.”


Community Member

What You Get

The Cleft Parent Membership

Created just for you

Monthly live, interactive Zoom calls where we discuss cleft parenting topics and work through them together. You’ll also get recordings of all the calls to watch at a later date if you’re unable to make a live session.

Regular guest speakers sharing their experiences of cleft parenting and their knowledge and advice on various topics. Past speakers include pre and perinatal psychologists, speech and language therapists, hypnotherapists, breathwork practitioners and even a cleft surgeon!

Teaching and guidance from me as your coach around all the emotions and situations cleft parents like us can find ourselves in and how to navigate them.

Monthly open coaching office days on the last wednesday of every month for you to message me and get support and guidance on anything you need.

Access to a private Facebook group to connect with others on the cleft parenting journey, share your experiences and get advice. I’ll also check in with you and encourage valuable discussion on various topics. You can post and get support and advice whenever you like.

Exclusive discounts on my 1:1 coaching packages if you want completely personalised support and to go deeper into addressing and overcoming your trauma. 

When you join, you’ll get INSTANT access to all the calls we’ve had so far so you don’t miss out on valuable advice others have already received. 




That’s less than 85p per day!


Ready to reduce the overwhelm and find peace in your cleft parenting journey?
“This is like group therapy: working as a team and supporting each other, but also following our own path.”


Community Member

Who is the Cleft Parent Membership for?


  • Mothers of children born with cleft, of any age and at any stage of the journey, whether you’ve just received a diagnosis or are further along the road. 


  • Parents with cleft who want to understand and work through childhood trauma created by your diagnosis and how it was handled as you grew up, and how to achieve harmony as a cleft family. 


This membership was created just for parents like you, or people who have lived with a cleft, to help you work through past trauma that’s impacting how you interact with the world right now. 


It’s a powerful way of connecting your past with your present, and understanding and changing the responses you’ve learned through this trauma - anger, frustration, panic and fear - to reach a place of peace and empowerment. 

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How long do I get access to the Cleft Parent Membership for?


When you join the membership, you’ll have access for as long as you want. Payments will be taken on a rolling monthly basis.


If you do ever feel that you’ve got enough out of the membership, just give me one month’s notice and I’ll remove you. 

I’m not a cleft parent. Is this still right for me?


The Cleft Parent Membership is for parents who either have a child or children with a cleft or who have a cleft themselves and want to work through any trauma preventing them from relating to their family in a nourishing way. 

How much time will I need to invest in this membership?


As much or as little as you like! We’ll have monthly, 1-hour Zoom calls where you’ll get exclusive access to me as your coach. 


You’ll also enjoy regular guest speakers talking about cleft topics and informal coffee catch ups with fellow community members - but these are totally optional. 


And you can dip in and out of the Facebook group as much as you like. 


What makes this membership different?


The combination of techniques I teach in this membership combined with my lived experience as a cleft parent means you get guidance and support you won’t find anywhere else. 


I’ve experienced the same ups and downs as you on my journey as a cleft parent, and the same feelings of confusion, fear and overwhelm. 


But once I had the awareness of how my unconscious emotional responses were affecting my daughter Ella’s ability to thrive, everything changed. 


I trained as an Integrated Trauma Informed Coach and committed to a lifetime of learning about cleft and helping others navigate their own challenging but rewarding journeys. 


The tools I give you and the techniques I teach through this membership are completely unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. The Cleft Parent Membership is life-changing for families like yours!


Like anything the responsibility for change is yours and you do have to do the work and commit intentionally to doing so. If you are ready to do that, this is for you. 

If you have any more questions, just drop me a line at and I’ll talk you through it so you can make sure the Cleft Parent Membership is right for you. 


So, are you ready to join your community of fellow cleft parents committed to helping their family flourish for just £25/month?

“Finding myself in a space to be able to open up and begin to heal myself and then start healing my family. Connecting with other Moms feeling the way I've felt. I don't feel so alone on this journey. I now have the confidence to keep going on this journey.”


Community Member

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