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Get the knowledge, tools and skills to feel empowered & thrive as a cleft family

1:1 trauma-informed cleft coaching for parents

“After working with Katie I felt lighter, more equipped and more informed about the cleft journey. I found my true self and my true identity, and the new knowledge I have has impacted every area of my life. I’m so grateful to Katie for creating a safe space where I’m continuing to grow and learn. I’m seeing the impact of her teachings every day in my life and the lives of my children."

Coaching client, mum of three, one child with cleft

You’re a loving and supportive parent to a one-of-a-kind child who you feel has been dealt a difficult hand in life. 


You’re worried about their future and unsure how to guide them through the challenges of living with a cleft lip and palate - challenges you know they’ll face throughout their life. 


You also know this doesn’t just affect your child. It affects you as well, and the rest of your family. And that doesn’t feel fair. 


You want to be their advocate though, while also having your own voice heard. You’re determined to do your best for them so they can have a wonderful life. 


Your child deserves a future where they feel:


✔ Confident to be themselves whoever they’re with and whatever they’re doing, aware of the beauty and power they possess within themselves

✔ Resilient and strong enough to rise to the challenges that will inevitably come their way 

✔ Proud of their cleft journey with the ability to define themselves outside of their difference

✔ Self-assured enough to make their voice heard, to have their needs met and go after what they want in life


And you deserve a future where you feel:


✔ Assertive enough to ensure your child gets the best medical care for their unique needs

✔ Confident in challenging people’s perceptions of children born with cleft and any negativity your family might face

✔ Empowered by tools you can use to work through your own trauma and be the parent you need to be for your child

✔ Knowledgeable about the choices available along this pathway, and clear in your decisions for your family


Can you imagine this life for you all?

You can access this other way of being with personalised cleft coaching

You can look forward to this future as your reality with guidance from me as your expert cleft coach. 


I know exactly what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. I’ve been there myself with my own daughter being born with a cleft lip and palate, and I’m still learning and going through this process. 


I’m a bit ahead of you in the journey, and there’s a lot I can help you with. Not only that but I’ve invested in my knowledge, skills and training over the last seventeen years so I can use my expertise in the right way to help guide parents like you. 


At the start, my family and I were lost in a world of trauma and pain, and had no idea where to turn for the right support. 


What I needed was education around and awareness of the psychosocial impact of cleft, and the skills to work through the trauma it caused. 


Now, after the deep work I’ve done personally (and continue to invest in), and the knowledge I’ve gained of neuro experiential processing models, I’m able to help other cleft families thrive.


I’ve helped parents with cleft children, from babies to teenagers, navigate the diagnosis and its resulting impact with confidence, resilience and a sense of long-lasting peace. 


I’ve also coached children using Brainspotting and creative techniques to inspire their minds to make new neural pathways to initiate positive lasting change. This enables them to transcend the unconscious impact of cleft-related trauma and blossom. 


What would this mean to your family?

“Working with Katie gave me a deeper level of understanding about myself and others, and this has helped how I am with my children. I now feel a lot more confident and understand why my children act the way they do, and I can help them work through their feelings. I’ve also felt inspired to follow my dreams and make them happen. I hope to instill this confidence in my children and inspire them."

Stacey, born with unilateral cleft, one child with bilateral cleft

Is cleft coaching right for me?

The idea of having someone coach you through a cleft crisis might seem alien to you. You may be used to the idea of traditional psychological support like therapy or counselling. 


But the help I provide is unique and unavailable anywhere else. It moves beyond traditional methodologies while drawing on the benefits of them. 


As a cleft coach I apply evidence-based research from neuroscience, sociology and positive psychology in a unique blend of trauma-informed guidance. 


Through teaching emotional regulation strategies alongside techniques grounded in positive psychology and body-based work, I instill resilience, confidence and deep self-awareness into parents like you and children born with cleft.

Cleft coaching is perfect for you if:


✔ You’ve already tried traditional therapy for your family but it hasn’t helped you heal


✔ You know the value of one-to-one personalised support rather than generic advice that doesn’t work for your unique family


✔ You’re open to new ideas and possibilities beyond the narrow and prescriptive realm of traditional psychological frameworks


✔ You’re committed to supporting your child through everything that’s still to come and learning the skills needed to help them flourish beyond their condition

What's the result?

I realise you’re placing a lot of trust in me and our coaching relationship - and I feel privileged to be the one guiding your family through this - but I know how you’ll feel at the end of our coaching sessions. 


You’ll be able to move forwards with your marvellous life knowing that you and your child have everything you need to thrive, including:


  • A deep understanding of how you are best placed to raise your beautiful child through their cleft journey


  • Trust in the tools you’ve gained and skills you’ve learned to make important decisions for your family with clarity and confidence


  • A feeling of peace and calm that will inform everything you do from now on in the best interests of your child


  • The nervous system flexibility that will allow you to walk alongside your child all the way and overcome any hurdles you face in the future

“Katie helped me understand myself and my trauma, and how significantly it impacts our bodies and systems. I now feel so much better. I feel like a more grounded and more present mum. I’m able to ask for help when I need it and I’m better at setting boundaries and understanding my children. Overall, I’m a better person."

Megan, mum of one child with a cleft lip and palate

How it works

The 1:1 cleft coaching I provide is deeply relational and highly personalised to you and your specific situation. 


I use a combination of tools and techniques, including intuitive energy work, body work and pattern interruption, to help you work through your trauma and rewire your mind through lasting behaviour-change. 


This is best achieved over at least 6 sessions over 3 months. We can of course work together for longer if needed. Sessions are usually every 2 weeks and will be tailored to fit your life and circumstances. 


1:1 Cleft Coaching Price:


Prices start at £90 for 90 minute consultations and then increase from there if you sign up for a series of consultations or a package. I can tailor what I offer to your circumstances and unique needs. 


It all starts with a short free call so I can learn about you and your situation, and what you hope to get out of coaching. I want to make sure I can help you before you invest any of your precious time or money. 


You can also drop me a message if you have specific questions before we chat. 


Are you ready to make this new life a reality for you and your family?

"Words actually do not describe how thankful I am to Katie and her sessions. I have learnt so much about somatic work and trauma and in turn learnt so much about myself over the time we’ve worked together. These sessions have brought hope back to me. Katie is kind, she is patient and she is always compassionate. She is doing amazing work with her coaching and I am just so incredibly thankful for all she does for me."

Coaching participant

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