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The Cleft Journey

What if taking responsibility as a parent is actually not what we’ve been led to believe it is.

What if it is meeting the child exactly where they are?

Allowing them to FEEL all the things. This actually gets tougher as they grow and is, in my opinion, impossible if we have not moved away from our own egos drive to control.

Ego is based in fear, cleft insights fear and this is why.

We are not here to save our children.

They are actually the ones showing the way, when we let them ❤️

When we are raising a child with a cleft I firmly believe we need to understand trauma, theirs and ours.

We need to know what to watch for in ourselves and in them.

It could be the best decision you make to support you to be able to meet your child exactly where they are❤️

A bit about my story:

I wanted to feel better, I knew my behaviour and thoughts were not supporting me.

If they were not supporting me I knew they were not supporting my children.

I wanted to make changes. Problem was the only change that was offered were anti depressants - but it didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel that was right.

I can’t explain more than that, everyone around me was suggesting I went on them. But something inside was resistance to it. I’d been on them before… but this time. It didn’t feel that this was the course of action I needed. I wanted a solution, not a sticking plaster.

I also tried MIND and they were great - issue was, once the course finished the stuff resurfaced eventually. I wanted root resolution .

There are times when medication is absolutely needed. But I know now, we all have the strength inside to address our stuff. It’s just not many are teaching the how. I wanted the how.

How do I best support my child and children?

How do I feel happier?

How do I feel more in control of how I feel?

How do I shift my emotional set point?

How can I understand what is happening and take actual steps to change the way I feel?

I worked and I studied and I learnt from a very experienced teacher in the trauma field.

Now I’ve created the how. Clearly I cannot do it for another mum. But I’ve put everything I know and have learnt about trauma into a road map specific to the cleft parenting journey and the things that show up for us and our children. I’ve coupled this with relatable teaching and workbooks.

I believe it is the how. It has certainly been the how for me and now other women have shown me it is also the how for them.

If you would like to be one of the growing number of Cleft Warrior Women who have worked with me then please drop me a line, I would love to connect.

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Love Katie


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