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So Full of Love

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

This is a photo from a coaching session I recently held. I was so full of love for my client. She is shifting her life. She is taking responsibility for how she is able to show up for herself, her colleagues, her children and family.

It’s such an honour to guide and hold space for other’s healing and trauma education. I’ve felt the shifts personally and now to do this… it’s indescribable.

The women I work with are so inspiring.

Trauma is a part of everyone’s life, to some degree or another. It is not just a huge life event … it is many, many things. It does not impact everyone in the same way, it can impact in many many ways.

It impacts our children and they too will encounter it in their lifetimes.

Children born with cleft will have traumatic experiences. Experiences which challenge their mental, emotional and physical systems. The impact will differ child to child, but they will have them.

As mothers and in-fact all caregivers we hold to keys to our babies and children’s nervous systems.

Cleft challenges the nervous systems of all involved.

But it doesn’t have to have a lasting impact. The way in which we support our kids is the most important, responsible role we will ever have.

This is not about perfection. This is about connection and understanding how we as humans work. Body, mind and soul ❤️

Not like a science lesson or a this is what you do kinda thing. My work is about building a community of women who authentically and knowledgeably walk next to their kids; raising kick arse genuinely soul felt, self aware #cleftstrong kids 💪🏻✨

When unapologetically committed to it, it’s life changing learning for the family ❤️

If you would like to have a free no obligation chat with me about how your life changing journey can begin just click on the link below:

Coming soon!

✨Monday 30th at 8pm GMT Free Trauma Informed workshop, recordings will be available to a short time afterwards.

Click on the link below to sign up!

100 Cleft Portraits

The dream I always had from the beginning is that the #100cleftportraits are diverse and representative of the global of the cleft community.

So here we have a tattoo design I was commissioned to draw. I really enjoyed doing something a little different and know this will definitely add a richness and depth to the collection ❤️

If you have an inspired thought about a cleft piece you may like to be a part of this project to support and empower families let me know, I’m open to trying anything❤️

With love as always


The Cleft Warrior Woman


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