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Let's Talk About Fear......

This is huge for parents who have a cleft diagnosis or are parenting a child with cleft.

We feel it don’t we, viscerally in our bodies … we don’t think it, it’s a feeling and then we seek to rationalise, understand and think our way through.

The problem starts here. Because you FEEL it first, you cannot only think or talk your way through processing it. Fear is a trauma response and comes from not feeling safe… it’s held in the body.

It’s sneaky and runs behind the scenes influencing our decision making, the way we feel, talk and behave and parent. All of the time. Not just when it comes to cleft and our child, in all aspects of life, because nothing in life happens in isolation.

Until we get curious about our behaviours, feelings and decisions and get super honest about what lies underneath that loop we seem to be stuck on or that feeling that we just can’t shake it will continue to impact everything.

Do you think fear is consciously or unconsciously running your life?

Are you stuck in behaviours you don’t want?

Do you find yourself often over thinking ?

Do constantly worry about your child and all the things, known and unknown?

Fear is an understandable part of a cleft parenting journey, but it doesn’t get to rule the show. We can work with it.

Why not come along to my FREE Cleft Parenting Workshop on the 30th January to learn more

With love from wherever you are on your Cleft Parenting Journey



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