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Let's Get Together 1st October 2022

Hey !

How are you all?

Happy Monday xx

So you will know by now that a long held life dream of mine was to have an exhibition! Art, up in a room, that was mine!!

I had no idea that this work would be soooo much more than anything I was possibly dreaming of!!

The fact that it was to represent the journey of Cleft, and therefore so much of my own lived experience and heart led creativity, growth, love and inspiration has made it surreal and very emotional. Even those who have seen my work online were emotional in the presence of the real pieces at the first exhibition in Brick Lane and subsequently The United Nations, in Geneva. The energy, emotion and love, cannot be denied! There will be a HUGE exhibition and a book at the end of the 100 and it will blow the roof off with the power and beauty of all these pieces together, but for now I am holding another intermediate exhibition to keep momentum and keep sharing the messages these portraits do such a good job of sharing.

So we are going again!! 45 portraits will be on display, more if I finish those I am currently working on !


So I’m incredibly excited to be hosting the next Cleft Art Exhibition in October I will be exhibiting many of the Cleft Smiles that have been commissioned so far and I would love for you to join me. There will be a morning of creative activities for families and an introduction to the project that is promising to be very powerful when completed. 10am-12pm & 1-4pm 1 October 2022 @the_lighthouse_and_gardens, Stratford E20 1DB A part of the big vision I have for the Cleft Warrior Woman is facilitating connection between all of us, so everyone is welcome - grandparents, aunties, little ones. The more the merrier. I will be there all day. @smiletrainuk and US will be there in the afternoon. I always think there is something extra special about getting up close and personal with Art. You get that which cannot be experienced through a photograph. - Come and see the beautiful cleft portraits! - Come along to say hello to me and have a chat! - Meet Smile Train!

- Make beautiful art and get creative

- Take part in a range of creative activities - Wonder around the beautiful gardens of The Lighthouse and Gardens - Spend the day in Stratford City (walkable from the venue) and make the most of the fantastic surroundings.

Much love to all of you and thank you so much for reading,


Katie xx

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