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It’s a wrap !!

The first cohort of Cleft Crisis to Cleft Confidence is through and woweee, I knew this was powerful, but sharing it has been absolutely one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life.

Ive brought everything I can to this coaching programme to teach and guide other cleft mothers to a place where they really can begin to access more peace and empowerment around all the things this journey can bring.

It's born from my own lived experience of parenting my incredible cleft born daughter and our challenges and learning along the way.

When I needed to understand why I felt so sad, intermittently guilt ridden, worried sick about her and her self confidence, constantly comparing myself, consciously and subconsciously, muddling my way through there wasn't anything. I had to learn and read and learn and read. When I began to study Trauma, everything changed.

I've put all my learning, growth, lived experiences, love and respect for cleft into this programme and it's been incredible.

The next cohort is starting in February, message me to book a free chat to see if this can support you where you are in your cleft parenting journey right now.

It is suitable for those who are pregant and those with teenagers. It's never too late to learn what is inside this programme.

Message me, I'd love a chat ❤️

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