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I Am Not Good Enough

The 'not good enough' wound is so prevalent in our world.

It often stems from childhood. Someone, something or a series of things and situations created a belief that you were not good enough.

Not a good enough mum

Not doing a good enough job

Not a good enough friend

Not a good enough daughter

The list is endless

Being trauma informed enables a new level of insight into why you do the things you do on a root cause resolution level and offers insight into what is actually driving your unconscious responses and behaviours.

Because children born with cleft require more care and will endure more, because as mothers we naturally would do anything to protect our children, and although we know the surgeries and all the things are totally necessary, the often unconscious drive to protect if fuelled by the not good enough wound.

Compassionate curiosity to self, why am I doing and feeling the things I am?

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