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FRIDAY 3rd February at 9 am GMT!

Hi xx

Every single day I am shown the power of this knowledge.

This morning, tired kids meant two missed the bus.

In a previous life, that would have set my system off..... I would have tried to be patient and supportive and I would have thought I was being.

Their systems would have read the difference between what I was saying and HOW I was communicating and that would have caused more challenge and more disconnect. Probably ending up in all of us arriving at our destinations stressed and not at all ready for the day.

Doing this work means life is no longer like this.

It does not mean challenge does not arise - but it does mean that when it does we are able to really and truly respond and not react. As our kids grow, this can literally save your relationship with them. I am not exaggerating. Think about when you felt disconnected growing up. When were those times?

My passion and drive to share this is so strong, that I have decided it is important to reach as many women as I can, to have this knowledge. As you may know I didn't press record last night... I was so super excited, and actually proud that I had navigated all the tech I needed to that I completely forgot !! ,.. clearly I forgot a vital bit of tech .....

Soooooo I am running this workshop again, I will be talking about Cleft Confidence and a few other things. I will also be totally present and able to meet you where you are at on your parenting journey.

If you are able to, come along, because this is a journey - not a destination and you really cannot hear this stuff too many times.

I will be available to chat and be there for YOU. The more I share this stuff the more confident I am about the importance of it.

Please join us ...

FRIDAY 3rd February at 9 am GMT

You can join HERE

Meeting ID: 813 2789 3196 Passcode: 606511

I will be recording this time!! So if you cannot make it - you will receive that later on, on Friday.

As I said on the call last night - if you would value a chat with me about how I can support you I would love to connect.

You can book a call HERE

Equally if you know this is for you - you can join us below!!!

I am extending ALL bonuses until Monday 13th February due to my not recording last night and wanting to be able to reach and support as many women as I can !


This group coaching programme is for mums of cleft born children and designed entirely around deeply supporting YOU and therefore your children.

DOORS are OPEN and we start on 20th February!!

I would love to you to join! And if you pay in full you will get personal trauma informed coaching from me to the value of £500 as an added extra.

A Payment plan to spread the cost over 3 months is also available to you.

All the information to join us HERE scroll to the bottom of the page for the above options and payment links.

... if you cant make it - send me your questions and I will address them on the call xx

Speak soon,

So much love to all of you,

Katie xx

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