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FREE Trauma Informed Workshop Specific to Parenting a Child with a Cleft - January 30th 2023!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

If you’ve been with me for a while, then you may remember the first ever free workshop I hosted in September, focussing on parenting a cleft-born child through a trauma informed lens.

Well… I was absolutely blown away by the feedback afterwards, and how it spoke to so many women.

It was really incredible, and nearly 100 gorgeous cleft mummies and cleft affected individuals signed up for the evening from all over the world, which was just amazing.

It really shows the need and desire amongst us all for this type of learning about trauma and how it shows up in the cleft journey.

And now I’m so excited to be hosting the second free workshop 😍

You don’t need to have watched the first workshop to join this one.

The second free workshop is all about how trauma impacts us and our children on the cleft journey.

During our time together, we will be looking at ..

⭐️how trauma can manifest in our day to day lives

⭐️why you feel the way you do about many things (not just cleft)

⭐️why cleft and the implications of it can at times feel overwhelming

⭐️how to understand yourself with more compassion and self awareness

⭐️how a more peaceful and less fearful relationship with cleft is available to you

This workshop is for you if you’re a mother to a cleft born child.

It’s for you if you…

✨received your baby’s cleft diagnosis and said “What did I do? Was it me?’

✨feel overwhelmed by the many different touch points of the cleft journey

✨worry about the future and how you will handle certain situations with your child

✨are ready to learn how you can feel more confident and empowered

It’s a safe, private space and truly is such important learning for cleft mumma’s to know❤️

The details are…

📅 30 January 2023 (how are we almost in 2023 already?!)

🕡 8pm UK time

📍Zoom meeting

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