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100 Cleft Portraits on tour...well 46 and counting!!!


That was such a beautiful experience

This last Saturday we had our second exhibition of the portraits! But this time we had a total of 46 pieces.

The Smile Train beneficiaries next to the commissioned pieces!! It was very beautiful to see.

Everyone who came enjoyed seeing the diversity of represention of cleft from all of et the world. One lady even said, the different techniques of each one actually made the connection between how each cleft is so different even more relatable, which I loved!

Very little people came and mixed with older family members; drawing and creating together.

I had many conversations about cleft and the implications of it with non cleft affected people and cleft affected people.

One man was visibly moved by the work and we had a beautiful conversation about how the portraits positively represent difference and the diversity of cleft.

Many people said they can't wait for the book!!

So I need to crack on and get to the 100 so we can positively impact more lives and get these gorgeous faces in front of even more people!!!

I'm looking forward so much to that, here are some images from the day x

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