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Work through your trauma & feel empowered in your cleft journey

Personalised, trauma-informed cleft support for parents

I honestly cannot thank you enough. I just want you to know that you have totally guided me to a place of acceptance and confidence and although I have worries about what the future may hold just listening to your teachings on trauma - I already feel more prepared.


— Alex H

It’s hard to process the mental, emotional and physical impact of having a child born with cleft, isn’t it?

Perhaps you’re still reeling from the shock of a cleft diagnosis. Or maybe you’re a bit further down the road but still struggling to navigate this crisis as a family, and find the ongoing support you need. 


The psychosocial impact of becoming a cleft family is revealing itself. You’re also trying to manage all the unavoidable challenges that come with it, from surgeries and dental work to finances and social aspects. 


You’re a loving and proud mother who only wants the best for the people you love. But you know you’re not dealing with this in the best way. 


You feel anxious, stressed, and scared, which is totally understandable. That imaginary future you’d already planned in your head has been pulled from under you. Now you and your child are facing a more uncertain future. 


But you want to get it right, for your beautiful, one-of-a kind child and everyone else in the family. And you also want to feel some peace yourself. 


To feel reassured that you have the tools needed to handle this new life - to not just survive, but thrive. And not just now, but for the rest of your lives. 

But how do you find the right support?


It’s hard to find the time to invest in getting the help you need to thrive as a cleft family though. And sometimes it’s a little overwhelming looking at all the information that’s available out there. You might be wondering where on Earth to start. 


You might also wonder why you need to spend time on your own mental and emotional health as a parent of a child with cleft when it’s them living with the condition, isn’t it? 


Perhaps it’s also easier not to think about it too much and just keep fighting fires wherever they spring up - attending to everyone else’s needs to try to minimise the impact of this life-altering event. 


That’s what mothers do though, isn't it? We protect and nurture, shield and guide. 


You are uniquely placed to help your child


Despite your very valid concerns, it’s important you know that it’s you supporting your child through this challenging and wonderful journey.  You are the key!


You might not know now how big the psychosocial impact of a cleft diagnosis can be, or how it affects every aspect of life. 


But empowering yourself with this understanding of how the trauma experience influences parenting a child with cleft, and how it filters from mother to child, is life-changing. 


As is the knowledge of how to work through this traumatic experience as a family and activate the flexible nervous system that will allow you to conquer future hurdles with confidence and resilience. 


This is what leads to a calm, peaceful and exceptional life. 


Imagine how amazing each day would be for you and your child if you felt:


  • Confident in your ability to navigate this crisis with powerful tools at your disposal to manage the trauma-induced behaviours of a cleft diagnosis 


  • Empowered by your newfound understanding of the cleft journey and your trust in yourself to support your child fully so they can live their best life


  • Hopeful about the future with faith in getting the right cleft support for you and your child, from medical teams, schools and your local community 


  • Connected to your child and to others going through the same challenges, with a sense of peace that you are seen and heard as you navigate this as a family


How would all of this change your family’s life?


Hi, I’m Katie. Teacher, Trauma Informed Coach and Artist

I’m a cleft warrior woman and so are you

I’ve been through my own challenging but amazing journey as a parent of a child with cleft and learned so much along the way. It was through this journey that I discovered the incredible cleft community. 


I also saw a huge gap in understanding around how cleft actually impacts the brain and body of those born with it and those who carry them in utero and love them throughout their lives. 

Cleft does insight trauma responses, and not many are aware of this and how to work through it.  


Now I'm here to guide the cleft community to find the peace and understanding I’ve gained through the intensive internal work I’ve done for my family. 


I offer Trauma Informed Coaching, drawing on my personal experiences and expertise in Brainspotting and parts work to provide 1-1 coaching sessions. 


I also offer a programme for parents of cleft children, and a thriving and intimate membership community. 


Although cleft impacts one's life, it doesn't define who they are. I believe that children with cleft are strong and irrepressible individuals. They are cycle breakers, paving the way for a more accepting and inclusive society. 


My beautiful daughter is one of them. 


She’s why Cleft Warrior Woman came into being. It was born through my own personal journey supporting her to live her best life.


I’m simply the vessel now through which it offers an empowered, trauma-informed perspective to help everyone within the cleft community. 


I'm here for you.


"I listened to 30 Minutes so far of your workshop and my eyes filled with tears realizing this is what I need."

Workshop participant

Personalised, expert support for every stage of your cleft journey


Cleft Warrior Woman offers all you need to work through the mental, physical and emotional trauma of a cleft diagnosis. 


It will also help you deal effectively with everything that comes with it throughout your cleft journey, and go from surviving to thriving as a family. 


The combination of support you’ll find here is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. 

Here's how we can work together:

Get personalised cleft support to navigate this crisis and learn valuable tools to help your family flourish

Join a community of strong women raising children born with cleft in a conscious and trauma-informed way

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of your unique child with a personalised portrait that shows just how amazing they truly are

This group programme focuses on guiding you through the cleft parenting journey from a Trauma Informed perspective alongside others navigating the same challenges 

Share your experiences of the cleft journey with others on the same path and swap advice and understanding

Get started now with a short free call

After just 20 minutes of your time you’ll:


  • Have clarity on the right way forward for you and your child, and your whole family


  • Feel inspired and confident that with my personal and professional experience I can move you from a place of crisis to one of peace and trust


  • Know that you’re not in this alone - everyone needs a little help sometimes and getting the right support is essential for flourishing as a cleft family


  • Feel hopeful about the future, trusting that it can be a bright and exciting one for all of you


  • Have all the knowledge you need to help your child and your family thrive


This is the start of your family’s brilliant future - the one you didn’t plan for but which I know you’ll embrace with the right education and cleft support. 


Let’s lift the veil of understanding around cleft together. 


If anything here has resonated with you, book your free 20 minute chat now.


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