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Meet Katie

Certified Trauma Informed Coach, Teacher and  Cleft Artist

I am an Integrated Trauma Informed coach, teacher, Reiki Level 2 practitioner, Energy Alignment Method Trainee mentor and creative and I am mum to three beautiful humans, the first of whom was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

When I received our cleft diagnosis, I went to bed for three days. I couldn’t talk to anyone without crying and really struggled to understand my feelings; the fear, the guilt, the grief and the emotional responses were overwhelming. I coped, I got through it, my daughter did too, our family grew, however these feelings would resurface, intermittently, because with cleft there is always the next thing. We accessed the support that was available at the time however, things never really shifted, I seemed to be stuck in a loop; which ultimately impacted how I was able to show up for and support my family and my daughter.

I subconsciously projected my fear onto her, it hid itself in overprotective behaviours, high expectations, comparison and negative self talk to name a few and ultimately had an impact on her ability to grow and thrive. Once I had this awareness I studied and read and became hungry to understand the what, why and how of all aspects of this specific parenting experience. Ultimately this led me to train as an Integrated Trauma Informed Coach, through the Caroline Strawson school of post traumatic growth.

My daughter is well into her teens now and I am so proud of her and how she is evolving into an incredible young woman. When she turned 12 is when I knew I needed something to change. I knew it was me. I knew something was very misaligned for how I was showing up for my family and my daughter. That is the thing, cleft can be a lifelong complex influence for some, there are quieter periods for sure, but they do not last forever.

As parents of these incredible children we are invited to step up, into the truest versions of ourselves. We have to be the safe space for them to learn to self regulate and thrive whilst finding their own way in life. For cleft born children this is more complex and I believe it begins in utero.

My experiences through parenting my eldest have incited life changing growth, learning and understanding. This is why I create the offers and coaching I do; to teach and share with those on the same path who feel called to do this work, which will ultimately help them to show up as the most connected and authentic parents, every day. Connected, authentic and aligned parenting is invaluable when we are guiding facially different children into a selfie society.

This work and the things I teach have changed my life in the most incredible ways and most importantly my daughters and our entire family. I now want to use my experiences and learning to positively impact the lives of others, enabling them to raise connected, resilient and independent, happy children.

It is all about parenting from a trauma informed lens specific to the cleft experience, for us, our children and our family units. 


Cleft Crisis to Cleft Confidence Course
Enrolment currently closed - cohort one and two have completed. Cohort 3 launching In Oct 2023

Cleft Crisis to Cleft Confidence will help to enable you to experience more positive emotions for longer, better mental state and emotional stability, nervous system flexibility to be able to respond not react. Inner confidence and trust from the knowledge and understanding and within it. All of this with a complete focus on parenting a cleft child and all that this involves; from surgery to social media.

Here’s what you’ll learn over our 6 weeks together:

  1. What trauma is and what it isn’t, why it is important for us parenting children with cleft to be trauma informed

  2. How trauma shows up on the cleft parenting journey for us and our cleft affected children and what we can do about it

  3. How our brains and our nervous systems impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and why this happens

  4. How to recognise and monitor your body's communication to bring conscious awareness, enabling you to respond to the challenges of cleft parenting from an empowered state; responding not reacting

  5. Knowledge and understanding which will shed light on your personal parenting journey, by default supporting your other children and your partner or extended family members from a trauma informed lens

  6. Guidance and tools to support you and your child from surgery implications to social media fears, giving you invaluable confidence to access your inner wisdom moving forwards

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